Broken down in southern Australia

Due to mechanical problems with the bike I have been forced to stop for one week in southern Australia.
Luckily I got help from a fellow bike rider, Andrew, who I met in middle of Asia around one year ago!

Problem in a bike was that my rear wheel was moving sideways quite much. It was not a bearing failure as I first thought, instead it was a worn out flange (part which holds rear wheel). I guess heavy load and tough, corrugated roads took it´s toll with my bike.
In any case, bike was not in rideable condition so we towed it to a shop here in Melbourne.
After studying the failure the outcome was that this loose flange had damaged center axle and now the final drive was only good to be used as a paper weight…

Luckily shop had a 2nd hand final drive, which was completely checked and all bearings were replaced with new ones. Original flange was changed to a latest version from BMW (not aluminium anymore).

Old final drive did roughly 150 000km, do due to this I think it started already to be at the end of it´s lifetime.
This kind of trip puts so much more stress to the bike and different parts (compared to a “normal usage”), that some damage and failures are going to happen. Important thing is to try to identify these failures early enough so that they do not cause accident, damage other parts and that repair can be done in a place where help and parts can be found.

6 thoughts on “Broken down in southern Australia

  1. Hi Nick,

    I fully agree, when there is trouble, you can meet really awesome people!
    I have soon 250 000km on my bike 🙂 and still going strong 😀

    Happy holidays to UK.


  2. HI Marko,
    Ah yes, I remember braking down several times with our 1150gsa, 5 bevel drive bearings! amongst other probs, but those were the moments we met some great people, who remain our friends to this day! The bike has 154,000 English miles on it now and still rattling along!
    Seasons greetings my friend.

  3. Hi Joachim!
    Greetings from Tasmania.
    Yes, I got bike fixed, but would have been a lot cheaper in Germany where ebay is full of final drives :).
    Facebook has a lot of short updates, so it is worth to check 🙂


  4. Just a quick “hello” from grey cold Palatina Marko!
    Nice to hear you got help from a fellow rider and upgraded used part was available to save a lot of time and money.
    As always good luck, take care & have fun, mate!
    cheerio Joachim
    …now i will check out Facebook…

  5. Hi Thomas,
    Yes, getting going again :).
    North- and central Australia were hot, southern is really cold. Only around 15C!!! (Well it feels cold after spending so much time in warm climate)…
    Check also my facebook page for short updates (no need to log in to fb).


  6. Go Hemuli Go. After a long time, I am finally able to check up with u. Looks like you are making good progress, even though you had the defect on the bike. Glad to see that you are back in shape and that the bike is well enough for proceeding with the trip. Boy, do I envy you for this experience. Enjoy Australia, and the hot temperatures, while we are getting the first snowfall here in Ulm. Thomas

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