Process to get bike from Dili to Darwin

My process to import bike from Dili (Timor-Leste) to Darwin (Australia), September-October 2013:

Dili, Timor-Leste:

    • About a month before the trip I contacted Toll Marine Logistics via their homepage to get a quote.
    • Once I got to Dili, I contacted Lenor Castulo in Toll Dili to discuss about the schedule.
    • Toll Logistics in Dili can be found from S8° 33.581’ E125° 31.930’
    • I visited them immediately after I got to Dili. This time I got better quote. If you are shipping alone, ask LCL (Low Container Load) quote.
    • We agreed the price and the date when I should bring the bike to the Toll in Dili.
    • I spent 4 really long days to clean my bike and all the stuff that I decided to put in to the container. 4 days was tight, now I would do 5 days.
    • I got my carnet stamped out from Timor-Leste one day before I took my bike to Toll. Customs can be found from the center harbor of Dili (5-10 minute walk from Dili Backpackers).
    • Once bike was clean, I took it to Toll logistics. Cleaned tires with a toothbrush (yes, it is so important) before pushing bike to a container. NOTE: you need to bring your own straps to fix bike to a container.
    • At this point I also paid the shipment and Dili harbor fees at Toll. (Always keep your carnet with you when you visit toll or other offices).
    • Schedule for a boat is really flexible, sometimes it might be on time, sometimes it could be delayed for weeks, so be prepared for this.
    • I booked flight to Darwin after I got information that the boat where my container was had departed.
    • Lenor sent me a BOL (Bill Of Loding) after boat had departed.

Darwin, Australia:

    • I arrived to Darwin the same day when boat arrived.
    • I contacted Toll Marine Logistics in Darwin to ask when I could pick the bike. Their response was that it would take around 2-3 working days before bike would be ready for inspection. If you ship from Singapore, process is faster (all items from Dili need to go through AQIS inspection).
    • Because I had time I decided to make all paperwork ready and pay all the fees before bike would be released.

      o Customs (S12° 27.517’ E130° 50.433’): Get your carnet stamped here (you can do it even your bike is still in the harbor). Darwin customs wanted to have my address in Darwin to be marked to BOL, so I gave my hostel address to them. They asked me to get this address added to original BOL in Toll.
      o TOLL (S12° 27.687’ E130° 50.862): Here I paid Darwin port fees. I asked them to change the address field to my BOL. This is also the place where I later picked my bike.
      o AQIS (Street Address: 1 Pederson Road (cnr Henry Wrigley rd), Eaton (Marrara) NT 0812), : Here I paid inspection fee. I could not yet agree inspection time, because I had to wait an email from Toll that my bike has been released for inspection. Q-number in the receipt was important, because this number would be used to agree inspection time later.

    • I got message from Toll logistics on 4th working day that now my bike was released for inspection. After this I called AQIS and agreed inspection time. I got another Q-number from them. I informed Toll about the time when AQIS would be there to inspect my bike, I also gave this new Q-number to them.
    • Next day I went to Toll 30 minutes before agreed inspection time to get all the rest paperwork done and to get hard hat, protection glasses and high visibility vest. NOTE: you need to have real shoes, with slippers you cannot go to the harbor area!
    • Inspection took around 15 minutes (I was lucky) and result was ok.
    • After this I needed to wait that “release” went through customs and AQIS database. When things got cleared, I got blue- and pink paper and now I was allowed to take my bike away from the quarantine area.
    • Now I needed to get roadworthiness check done so that I could get CTP (Compulsory Third Party Insurance (which covers bodily injury for the 3rd party in case of an accident)
    • MVR (Motor Vehicle Registry) (S12° 26.255’ E130° 50.377): I went there early in the morning, drove directly to the inspection line. Inspection was fast (after I told that I had temporarily imported my bike under Carnet de Passage), they checked lights, signals, horn and brakes.
    • After passing this, I walked inside, took a ticket and soon I explained to the clerk what I was there for. I needed to give her my carnet, passport, drivers-license, credit card, bike registration paper and inspection paper (which I got few minutes earlier). They also wanted to have my address in Darwin, once again hostel address was enough (you need to bring receipt or similar to proof that you are “living” there). After this I was asked to fill a form and soon things got done (they had a checklist what to do when vehicle has been imported under Carnet).
    • I decided to take CTP for three months (they were not sure if NT (Northern Territory) CTP is valid also in other states or if I need to go through same process in all states…
    • I have not been able to get 3rd party liability insurance (which covers material damage), because none of the companies (which I have contacted) want to give insurance for vehicle under Carnet…

Costs for temporarily importing BMW R1200GS:

    • Shipping cost and harbor fees in Dili: 658 USD (697.22 AUD)
    • Harbor fees in Darwin: 119.55 AUD
    • AQIS inspection fee: 151 AUD
    • MVR inspection and CTP: 233.30 AUD
    • Total cost: 1201.07 AUD / 1133.51 USD / 835.97 Euro


    • Toll can store your bike in Darwin for 10 days free of charge after bike has arrived (check with Toll).
    • Darwin is really expensive place, better to stay longer in Dili.
    • Be flexible with a schedule. Total time from Dili to Darwin in my case was 2 weeks, I have heard stories about 1 month or even longer!
    • Boat might come to Dili, or might not, this is reality in this part of the world.
    • Remember to smile 🙂

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  1. Excellent, exactly what i wanted to know. The bike is on the way to Darwin right now, 2 weeks delay so far, but every day a bit more :/

    Did you ever get asked for the CTP anywhere?

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  3. Hi Nick,
    It is surprisingly difficult to find this information from any of the travellers sites.
    Wrist is much better, stiff still and a bit weaker, but really good.


  4. HI Marco,
    Great detail and usefull information for the traveller following in your footsteps & difficult to find.
    How’s the injuries feeling?

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