My baby made it to Australia!!!

Today at 10am I was at Toll shipping meeting AQIS officer to inspect my bike.
Bike was already moved from the container to quarantine area.
I was quite nervous before the inspection, but for my surprise this inspection was really easy and fast. Totally it took around 15 minutes, no removal of seat, no checking of air filter, no checking of velcro, no checking of tent pegs etc!!!
I guess that agonising cleaning was worth it and officer saw immediately that bike was clean everywhere 🙂 What a massive relief! 🙂
So, inspection went fast, but there was some problem with the system, so I had to wait my “pink slip” (document which allowed me to move bike away from quarantine area) close to 5 hours…
But finally I was allowed to ride my bike away from the harbour area.
Tomorrow I will get roadworthiness checked and change front and rear tire. Today I got little used Heidenau front tire from a fellow Australian rider. BIG thanks goes to “podge NT”!

3 thoughts on “My baby made it to Australia!!!

  1. Hi Hemuli

    I have just seen you are in Australia now!!!!!!!
    Make sure you come to Kununurra when you can!!
    I,m still on the road to germany but it is almost over now (sad)
    All the best


    Just in case you can,t remember we meet in Medan Indonasia

  2. Congratulations Marko!
    Now you are the “down-under-hemuli” hihihihi
    cheerio Joachim

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