Paperwork and vaccinations started

Less than 3 months to go to the point when I start my trip! Work will end in around 3 months – 1 week 🙂

Vaccinations started 3 weeks ago. Still several shots to go… I do not even know all the vaccinations what I will receive, but I trust my doctor that these are really needed 🙂
I have received thorough check-up and everything is ok, so healthwise i am ready to go…

Some paperwork has started.

  • Visa processes are just starting, applying now 10 visas (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgistan, China, Pakistan and India). For these visas I am using professional service from Even I have to pay something for the service I thought it is better because getting all these visas will be pain in the a** 🙂
  • Insurances: Just scouting through several different insurance companies for travel insurance. Few from Germany and several from UK. Seems like I cannot get totally rid of german Krankenkasse… I need to pay 45€/month. Reason for this is that if/when I return back to Germany after the trip, I can get back to german Krankenkasse…
  • China crossing paperwork: This process should start at any day now. We have at the moment 4 bikes and 5 persons who have confirmed that they will join the team for China crossing. Few other bikers are interested, so might be that the total number of bikes is around 6. Plan is to meet somewhere in Kirgistan, cross China to Pakistan and then everyone will go their own ways. This way we can keep costs down for the crossing.
  • Soon I need to start selling my car and other stuff…

    First 1000km ridden after the bikeservice and everything is working perfectly.
    Still missing waterfilter, but it should arrive within next few weeks (ordered Katadyn Kombi -waterfilter)

    Start to get really excited, but I can still sleep well (actually too well, but I guess those vaccinations make me a bit tired).

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