Made it to Australia!

Made it today to Australia today! New country and new continent for my list :).
Today temperature has been nice 35C ;).

Culture shock hit me today… I can understand what people are saying, it is clean and extremely expensive…

Hopefully I can get my bike from the port on Friday or latest on Monday. I got information that boat arrived today to Darwin, but containers from Dili need to go through more strict checks.

Whole evening I have been searching information what is required when a person temporarily imports bike to Australia.
Customs- and Quarantine inspections are clear, but after this next steps are still totally unclear. Where to get 3rd party insurance, where to do roadworthiness test etc (difficult because I do not register bike over here)…

Well, hopefully I can find this info from somewhere so that I do not run in to a problems if police stops me and asks to see papers. Tomorrow I will go to the customs office to get my carnet stamped, visit Toll to pay Darwin port fees and do some other tasks.

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