New facebook updates will take some time

For some reason I cannot connect to facebook and several other pages here in Indonesia…
So, new updates are coming as soon as I can figure out the problem… I do not know yet if it is on my computer, or if it is banned over here…

Greetings from Flores, Indonesia.
Tomorrow I will go and try to see Komodo Dragons 🙂

4 thoughts on “New facebook updates will take some time

  1. Me again – sorry but i can’t reply on Facebook.

    Just a short question. The Hotel backyard on Lombok with the pool you show … is this Hotel in/very near on Sengigi Beach? Just over the street is the beach?
    I am not 100% shure but i guess i stayed there …forgot the name of it.

    Small small world 🙂


    • No worries 🙂

      This hotel was in the middle of the city in Sumbawa Besar, no beach near to it.
      Rooms were quite bad shape, but the back yard pool looked nice.


  2. Hi Marko,

    if the boat company offers a snorkling stop after visiting Komodo Island on the way to Flores Island you will probably get amazed.

    If you arrive early in the morning on Komodo the cold blood dragons are very slowly in motion and nice models in front of your camera lens.

    Take super care when the sun is high – then these dragons are super furious fast! If bitten your arm or leg is in serious danger for amputaion due the ultra toxic saliva of these Warans.

    I visited Komodo in 1997 – at this time the rangers offered a goat to the dragons – spectacular fight – never forget this scenery.

    Nowadays they don’t show this artificial kind of feeding no more.

    Have fun mate!

    • I will visit Rinca island (locals told me that there I can see dragons the same way as in Komodo island (it is also closer and cheaper to get there)).
      Yes, I heard that these are really furious beasts and I do not want to get attacked by any of them 😀

      After visiting these islands, there is snorkling stop somewhere, so I guess I need to go and try it also 🙂

      I will have fun 🙂

      Thanks Joachim 🙂

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