Ebay parts and doctor visit

All ebay parts are now here! Unfortunately I was not able to get all the big parts from ebay, which means that I need to buy them from Touratech, BMW and SR-racing. Good thing was that most of them I was able to find from ebay, because this way I saved roughly 70% of the costs! If I would have needed to buy all the parts new, then total cost would have been around €7000!!!

Today I also visited hospital to show my hand to a doctor and also to get new x-rays.
I guess my hand had been in quite a bad shape, because I heard doctors saying “total kaput” (totally busted) when they were looking my old x-rays…
Now x-rays showed that my hand is healing well. I asked them if they can see a reason why my wrist is so stiff, they said that joints have been compressed so much during the accident and that only training will help.
I will add new x-ray here later today.

2 thoughts on “Ebay parts and doctor visit

  1. Moro Jartsu,
    Joo, koko ajan koitan treenata kättä samalla kun teen normi askareita.
    Mumbaista 🙂 Juu, Intia on omanlaisensa paikka 😀
    Kuulin huhuja että teille oli tullut muutto Suomeen.

  2. Ei muuta kun treenaamaan Marko. Ajoaso näytti myös ihan kunnolliselta ja hyvä että saa rintapanssarin. Ei muuta kuin tsemppiä paranemiseen. Terveiset kosteasta Mumbaista – liikenne on kaoottista ja tiet täynnä reikiä. Loma alkaa huomenna kun lennän Suomeen…perhe meni jo edeltä Ulmista.

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