Personal protection

Now I have updated my personal protection.
I got new helmet, new gloves (this time full leather) and new protection jacket.

After a bit over one year of usage and one accident I started looking a new protector jacket to replace my current Alpinestars Bionic 2-jacket.
Originally I was thinking to get another Alpinestars (been happy with it), but I could not find a correct size. I tried few other brands, but could not find a good size and fitting.

I visited Ortema in Markgröningen (close to Stuttgart in Germany) and noticed that they have promising looking jacket, Ortho-Max. I got excellent service at Ortema and everything just seemed to work and fit, so I decided to buy this jacket. Big bonus was a separate, custom made chest protector!

Ortho-Max jacket has soft protectors on elbows and shoulders which will harden from impact (I think Rukka use similar kind of protectors in their most expensive riding jackets).

I will write more information, after I have used this protector jacket for sometime.

2 thoughts on “Personal protection

  1. Hi Joachim,

    😀 Should be good gear now. Hopefully gloves and protection jacket are not too hot…

  2. Hey Marco,

    looking sharp in your new protection gear – a bit like star wars defender 😉


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