5 thoughts on “Vietnam, osa 3

  1. Hi Marco,
    guess you stay a Munich area and you will leave Germany through this gateway also?
    In Frankfurt / Kelsterbach are lots of ”Luftfracht Speditionen” who ship/export all kind of goods via airfreight. In the early 80ies i used to work for such companies. The price difference are huge!

    I will do my very best when i do know from what German Airport you will leave.

    Maybe this conversation could be made via email instead of this guestbook.
    cheerio Joachim

  2. sorry for beeing short in time –
    cheapest way should be via consolidated airfreigt organized by a freight forwarding company instead of paying the 20 KG free bagage exceeding KG based on your own ticket.
    Volume ratio is tricky – pay attention it is 1:6 – but i guess bike parts are on the heavy weight side – not on volume ratio
    cheerio joachim

  3. Hi Joachim,

    Yes, I am still in Germany. Will fly back on 8th of August, so around 2 weeks to go.
    Physiotherapy is still ongoing and on Wednesday I will visit hospital again to get new xrays taken from my wrist.

    I really want to visit northern Vietnam, because I have heard only really positive things about this place. Unfortunately my timing was not perfect weather vice.

    Halong Bay is really touristic and if you have seen similar limestone islands, then it is nothing special.

    Still waiting few more parts to arrive and then I can start planning how I can get all the parts to the airplane 😀

  4. Hey Marco,

    1st of all i hope your recovery and physiotherapy was succsesful!? Are you still in Germany?

    Wow! Amazing part of your trip – nice pics as always.

    After some bad luck with all that uniformed bandits its so nice to reed you passed all police checkpoints.

    I skipped Halong Bay on my trip ’cause i enjoyed a 4 week trip sailing the year before in Thailands Andaman Sea with all the limestone rocks – i did’t want to get annoyed in high season due to so many tourists/boats.

    You missed the best part in Northern Vietnam IMO. My 1.200 km trip from Hanoi to the north east (Cao Bang, BaBe Lake, Ha Giang, Bac Quang ……) along the Chinese Border back to Hanoi was amazing. But you did the right decision – in February it is too cold and rainy in this part of Vietnam.

    Good luck – take care