Still in Germany healing my broken wrist

A bit less than 1 month ago my wrist was operated here in Munich, Germany.
As you might have read, I got some titanium and 10 screws to my wrist.

Past month has gone fast by fighting with the insurance companies, gathering a list of all needed parts and by trying to get the wrist to an ok shape as fast as possible.

Fingers are moving reasonably well but what worries me at the moment is my really stiff wrist. Physiotherapist says that movement will come back, but I need it faster :).
Roughly 1 month from now, I should be on my way back to Indonesia with all needed parts (I have purchased only one part so far).

Small updates will appear more often to the FB page. NOTE: you do not need FB account to read my updates.

I have been typing also updates for the past month stories, but it is just really frustrating slow process to write with one hand (a LOT of typos…).

In any case, just packing a car over here in Munich so that in one hour I am ready to head somewhere for a long weekend 😉 Tracking will show the route and updates will be in FB.

Enjoy the summer and holidays and be carefull on the road!

4 thoughts on “Still in Germany healing my broken wrist

  1. Hi Pramono,

    Actually I have been riding now in past two days here in Indonesia, not with my own bike yet (I still need to fix it) :D.
    Movement is getting better but, upward movement is still extremely limited (maybe riding will help :))
    I came to Indonesia on 9th of August, no problems with the customs.


  2. Hola Marko,

    Waow…me and dr.erwin have seen your operation result. and we happy to see the good result. Hope you can ride again 🙂 How about the wrist movement know?

    When will you come to indonesia? is there a problem with the customs?

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