Crossed the Equator!!!

340 days and roughly 43000km since the start of the this trip and now I have now finally crossed the Equator in Indonesia!
Wow! It felt really, really nice and special to cross this invisible line with own motorcycle! No tears, but just a damn wide smile on my face :D.
I was not able to check if water flows counter clockwise in southern hemisphere (there was no-one to give this presentation…), but maybe I can still manage to give you this fact a bit later on :).

21 thoughts on “Crossed the Equator!!!

    • Hi Dody,

      Biggest problem is my fractured wrist. My current estimation is 2 months recovery, but healing will dictate when I can continue…
      On Monday I will start going through my bike, it will be a long list of parts what I need to replace.
      I will keep u all posted of my recovery 🙂


  1. Sun pitäisi käydä parturissa… ;-D

    Terkkuja vaan sinne toiselle puolelle maapalloa, kesä tuli viimein tännekin, +25 ollut perjantaista saakka.

  2. Hi Marko,

    whooo-huuuuuh are you going to get platinium membership of the bearded-bears-club 😉 take care hihihihi

    I won’t bet water flow counter-clockwise in south-equatorial hemisphere – but i am curious about.

    Wish you all the best double – tripple and good luck on your trip.


    ….just back from an amazing Portugal Trip….

    • Hi Joachim,

      Yes, this strange thing seems to start covering my face 😉
      Thanks Joachim, luck is needed in this traffic, but more on that in the future.
      You were on holiday in Portugal?


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