Another quick update from Thailand

Hi from Bangkok.
I got here yesterday even tracker still shows that I am somewhere outside of Bangkok.
Rode over 400km in a heavy rain, so it was a tough day (totally around 650km).

Staying here totally 3 days and then head towards Pattaya to meet one finnish motorcycle rider who has gone around the world with his bike.
Tomorrow I will get new balljoint to the front suspension and at the same time I think I will do also oil change.
Next weekend my plan is to see Motorcross World Championship race close to Pattaya (In Sri Racha) and hopefully I can get some nice photos from there).

I try to get english version of Vietnam part 2 published today.

UPDATE: could not get my update published today because I met with Heike and Filippo. They are travelling around the world with their motorcycles. You can follow their trip from their Homepage

UPDATE 08.03.13: Sorry, still working on this update. Been enjoying my time here in Pattaya together with Hiko (Who rode around the world in 1974). But, I am working with the update.

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