Quick update from Thailand

Greetings from Thailand again.

Today I crossed the border between Laos and Thailand.
I am not sure if all paperwork (with the bike) went correctly, but I will see that when I cross the border to Malaysia in couple of weeks.

No updates from Laos, because internet speed over there was extremely poor. So Vietnam part 2 will appear online (hopefully) in few days.

Current status:
Rubber seal in front ball join (front suspension) is busted (temporary fix with tape). New ball joint is already in Bangkok and it will be replaced on Wednesday.
GPS blanks out randomly and display is distorted when I take another route as it guides me to.
GPS bracket is totally broken, my temporary fix in 4000 islands did not last longer than this…
Seat cover has a new hole (it was fixed in Bangkok when I was there last time). Touratech sent me a new seat cover to TT Thailand free of charge!
ABS unit has some problem when temperature goes over 33C. Do not know yet how I can get this fixed.

Otherwise everything is great 🙂 Today I had perfect ride in NE Thailand (after the heavy thunderstorm) 🙂

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  1. Hey Marko! This is Jeryd from Singapore, we met at Luang Prabang.. We are back home and back to our mundane lives while you are still enjoying yourself! We had an exciting ride back down south and guess what, we were in Bangkok on the same day as you except we were on the outskirts staying a night before continuing down. Ok travel safe and have the time of your life! Drop us a line if you are anywhere near here and we’ll catch up over drinks (Beer Lao?)! Cheers!

    PS: drop me your email address and i’ll send you some of our pics.. =)

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