Thailand, week 3


Rest day.
We spent few hours on the beach, doing beach stuff 🙂
Later in the evening we went back to the beach to see sunset and to had a dinner. I had tasty fried noodles and miss E had big crabs.

Although she hadn’t had crabs for long time, it seemed she still had the skills. She knew exactly where to get the meat from the thousand small pieces of bones 🙂 Mouth full of fresh crabmeat and messy fingers made her one very happy girl with a nice smile.

After the dinner we went back to the hotel to have a drink with the hotel owner´s husband. This was the first time that I heard the world famous song “Gangnam style”. As the laptop was playing the music video, the owner´s husband was singing along “uuuuuu, sexy lady!” and their one year old daughter was swinging with the rhythm on the table. Now, every time when I hear this song, this scene always comes back to my mind.


Plan for the day was to visit butterfly garden.
Got new scooter from the hotel, a new bright yellow one. Not as powerful as the previous one and this one had poorer brakes.

Butterfly garden was quite easy to find, even it was few kilometers away from the main road close to Phuket-town.

After purchasing the tickets we got also few cups of butterfly food! Do not know what it was, but I guess they know what these flying creatures will eat.
We spent few hours walking around in the butterfly garden, sweating like hell in that hot and extremely humid green house.
We saw a lot of butterflies, but still expected a bit bigger variation of the them.
Funniest part in the garden was when one butterfly kept coming to miss E´s slippers and tried to sip nectar from the plastic flower on her slippers :), needles to say that it was quite dry sip 🙂

After millions of butterfly photos, we came out of the garden, only to find we got flat tire on our new scooter.
As we were wondering what to do, a young guy from the garden came to help.
He first explained us with Thai and hand gesture that the nearby bike shop was closed on Sunday.
Seeing us having difficulty with the local language, he offered to fill our tire with their compressor. Air went in to the tire, but slowly came out next to the valve stem. Only way to continue our journey was to find repair shop.

Then he jumped onto his own scooter and led us to another bike repair shop, where we got the tire changed and could go on with our plans of the day. It was really a good service from Butterfly Garden!
Our stomachs started to roar after this, so we continued to a famous Japanese buffet place.

The food supply in that restaurant was extremely generous, but each guest got only one hour time to eat. For 10€ it was still very good deal.
Miss E of course took her beloved Chinese hotpot to our table.
I was looking my eyes wide open when she brought huge variation of different meat and veggies and other stuff to the table :). Well, she was pro with this so the food once again blew my mind away! Both my stomach and I were really happy 🙂

Rain had started while we were enjoying the food. Stomachs full we needed to find raincoats before we could ride back to the hotel.
There was one shop stand selling raincoats in the same shopping mall, but the price was really high. We told them that we didn’t want to pay so much, because on the previous day we paid a lot less in a 7eleven shop for the similar raincoats. When we were going to leave, they said that they could sell raincoats to us at the same price 🙂

Outside I noticed that my raincoat was already broken. Miss E returned the coat and got new one without any questions. I thought that I could have used broken one, because after the ride to the hotel we would have thrown these raincoats to the thrash in any case. Miss E insisted that she want to exchange this to the new one, well done there miss E 🙂


Nothing special planned for the day, so we just went for a ride to the east coast to see how locals were living.
Actually this turned out to be one of the nicest days on the island because it was really nice to ride without any plans and enjoy the peace of slow pace living in this area.
We visited one of the highest waterfalls in the island. This waterfall was few hundred meters walk from the road to the jungle. On a rainy season it might look better, now it was nothing special (not worth of the walk).

Later in the evening we went to the beach restaurant where miss E enjoyed tasty crab again.


Our flight back to Bangkok was around nine in the evening, so we had the whole day time to rest.
We did not want to go anywhere, but staying at the hotel was not so interesting either. We decided to ride around nearby areas and just to spent day this way.

I suggested to Miss E that she should ride the scooter. Her immediate answer was “NO”.
She had never ridden a scooter before and here in Thailand it´s also left side traffic, so the answer was really easy to guess.
In 2 minutes I managed to convince her to give it a try :).
She had been riding bicycles before and she is driving a car too, so she knows traffic rules and “normal” (German) way of driving.

Scooter was an automatic one, so it was really easy to ride, she only needed to focus to throttle and brakes (and of course the direction). If needed, I could quickly grab handlebar and return this wild powerful beast in to a control once again :).

Miss E on a driver seat and me sitting in the back, we both started our first times :).
Slowly but surely miss E started to get the idea of riding and her stiff shoulders started to relax a bit. She rode quite much, at the beginning normal small roads, rode through a local market and passed the curvy road over the hill to the beach.

When she got more used to the scooter she started accelerating to scare me. She turned and looked at me as I was screaming a lot, at a times when I did not feel really comfortable :).
I think she really enjoyed this experience :). Let´s see when she wants to get on a bigger bike 😀

Excitement (riding for miss E and being a passenger for me) of the day caused huge hunger, so naturally last meal on this island was at the beach.
Normal dinner, fried noodles for me and crab for miss E. I even enjoyed one beer during the dinner because I had my designated driver to the hotel 😀

After several consecutive rainy evenings, right before we had to leave the island, the most beautiful sunset at the beach was in front of us. The sky was switching colors from orange to red, then to rosy and purple and eventually light and dark blues.
Unfortunately I did not have my DSLR with me at the beach and there was no time to fetch it. But we still got amazing photos with my pocket camera. Miss E found a hermit crab dragging its seashell house on the sand and tiny fast moving crabs. She was happy like a child when she was chasing the little creatures on the beach.

Later, when it was already dark, she rode us back to the hotel, safe and sound 🙂

The nice hotel owner gave us a lift to the airport, so we did not have to deal with the crooks (taxi drivers) anymore :).

Around one in the morning we got to our Bangkok. No restaurant was open anymore, so we got late evening snack (instant noodles) from the nearby 7 Eleven.


I got up quite early because I wanted to get my bike from the service. Had quick breakfast at the hotel (expensive and quite bad breakfast…) and then I rode to the BKK-motorcycles with taxi. Took around 1 hour before my bike was waiting me in the front of the building.
Bike was not ready because they were planning to get some welding done the next day, but agreed to put bike back together while I waited.

Price of the service was really cheap compared to the European prices. Another big positive thing was good customer service in this place, so I can highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get their BMW serviced in BKK.

Oh how nice it felt to ride my own bike after one week of scooter riding! I think my smile lasted the whole day even the ride to the hotel was really short.

Got back to the hotel (which was only 5 minutes ride from BKK) and then we got going towards Grand Palace.

This time we did not use the SkyTrain, instead we took local ferry close to our hotel (orange line ferry). It was less than 1€ per person and it drove about 15mins (much faster than riding a taxi or tuk tuk).
On the ferry we saw very nice scenes of high rises, nice old towers, other nice ferries, famous long tail boats and even huge barges.
Miss E later told me it was her nicest experience in Bangkok. Seen from the river, Bangkok actually looked very beautiful!

After setting our feet back to solid ground we walked through local fruit and food market where miss E was admiring many different kind of tropical fruits.

Close to the main entrance we heard that Grand Palace would close it´s gates soon, so we had to come earlier on the next day. Didn´t make any sense to pay entrance fee and rush through the palace area.

I was feeling a bit dizzy so we went to nearby cafeteria to have something small to eat and drink.
When I felt better we decided to return to the hotel same way we had arrived few hours earlier.


Today was the last day for miss E in BKK.
For breakfast we walked to the KFC.
We ordered some chicken stuff because they did not have any real “breakfast –menu”, or those were actually the breakfast choices (I do not know for sure)…

OMG!!! This chicken was extremely spicy!!! I bet my face was red as a boiled lobster and my mouth was spitting fire :).
I was surprised when miss E also complained that her food was too spicy.
So, we decided to dump these portions from hell and went to McDonalds to eat the tasteless breakfast there :).

It did not take long to swallow McDonald´s tiny breakfast and then we were on our way to Grand Palace again on a same small ferry taxi as on Wednesday.

Right before we could make it to the entrance of the Grand Palace, we were attacked by really heavy rain. We had to find somewhere to escape from the rain and surprisingly we found shelter from one shop next to the road selling Thai clothes :).
We got one umbrella and Miss E got 2 pieces of Thai wraps. The shop assistant showed her different ways of wearing them.
The rain didn’t show any sign of stopping so we ran into the next-door café to enjoy some warm teas and wait for the rain to stop.

Finally rain stopped and we were able to go and walk around the Grand Palace area. There were a lot of other tourists wandering around in this extremely colorful area and made it really crowded.
Buildings, statues, pagodas etc were very breathtaking from the huge amount of details and colors everywhere. Every corner and every turn there were surprises. Unfortunately the sky was still covered by clouds, so light was not good for photographing.

We spent few hours going around this amazing and excessively decorated area with our heads spinning.
I felt still a bit sick, so we decided to get back to the hotel to rest.

Around 11 in the evening we took a taxi to the airport. Miss E´s flight was delayed and we had our last Thai dinner at the airport. It was the most expensive and worst taste Thai food during her stay 🙁

Miss E disappeared behind security check and I took a taxi back to the hotel.
Now I was alone again but a lot to do in the next days and week to keep me busy…

At 3am miss E finally started her long flight back to Germany to normal daily routines after 3 weeks of holiday. It was really nice holiday to go around Thailand with her. Thank you for the nice company miss E!


Spent the whole day in the hotel room because I was still feeling quite sick. Really had no clue where I got the sickness, food was no problem, didn’t have a cold…

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  1. Hi Marko!

    Nice posts, I will make use of it while I’m in Bangkok these days, doing some tourist’ stuff and sightseeing.

    Get well.
    Astrakhan(MacDonald’s) motofan
    Vlad Bobrov.

  2. Make…ei sinne tarvii mitään kirjoittaakaan vaan nakata linkki viimeiseen blogipostaukseen. Äläkä tee itsellesi tuota vaan tuolle “tapahtumalle” RTW tms…tai whereishemuli. Mä voin duunaa sen jos annat luvan?

  3. Moro Jussi ja hyvät uudet vuodet sinne Suomeen.

    Mietiskelin jossain vaiheessa tuota facebookin mahdollisuutta, mutta mulla ei ole tällä hetkellä tiliä siellä eikä oikein ole aikaakaan kirjoitella vielä uuteen paikkaan.
    Oon tällä hetkellä aika monta viikkoa perässä jutuissa, joten pitäis koittaa saada tämä nykyinen systeemikin ajan tasalle 🙂


  4. Sommoro ja hyvää Uutta Vuotta!

    Semmonen tuli kuule mieleen, että tuuppaa kuule Make tää reissu tuonne faceen myös. Kattelin tämän pariskunnan tsydeemiä ja tuota kautta tulee varmasti paljon uusia lukijoita kun ei tartte “löytää” sun blogia iha itte 🙂


  5. Greeting Jarmo,

    I agree, different time of the day has different kind of light and with this light you can take totally different style photos from the same area.

    I should have maybe been a bit more accurate with my “cloud”-comment. I ment that sky was totally covered with clouds, so it was really hard to get photos of the towers against really bright white sky. Sky “burns” through really easily (at least with my skills :)).
    Much easier it is (my opinion) when sky is blue, so then I can get better pictures.
    Also if there is direct sunlight, not through the clouds (my opinion) I can get more structure to the pictures (for example faces have more depth).

    One example for the cloud issue: I was taking photographs of the stone heads in Cambodia (yes, this blog update is coming in near future) during the morning hours.
    When there was direct sunlight to the heads, stone faces had really nice “depth” with soft shadows etc. As soon as sun was covered with clouds faces started to look flat…

    Yes, miss E took a nice photo at the beach 🙂


  6. “Unfortunately the sky was still covered by clouds, so light was not good for photographing.”

    I cannot agree this statement.

    Light is different for sure when sunlight is coming through clouds, morning light is also different with evening light, and midday light is flattening all colours. Specially in here, equator.

    But all lights and colours are nice, different for sure.

    Nice for photo’s. It depends what story you like to tell.

    And to my point: Crab & I was very good shot in this collection. Respect to shooter, it is not crap and I even there is some clouds..

    Can see good fairytale there. Two crab’s in the picture, some light, some sand and sea. Sea where life came to dry land some times ago. Just before first boxer engines have seen in our ecosystem. Or was it ego system..?

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