Status of equipment

Short update of the gear what I am carrying at the moment when arriving to Thailand:

  1. BMW summer gloves: sweat and dirt has destroyed right hand glove. These failed surprisingly fast.
  2. Arai helmet: Still in good shape, need to replace visor soon.
  3. TT Companiero riding suit: Really happy with the suit. Grey color is sensitive for dirt, but still ok. Summer pants should have loops for a belt.
  4. Sidi Adventure shoes: Not satisfied. These boots are really noisy and seams have failed in both shoes. Quality is not in a acceptable level. No answers from Sidi customer service. Not recommended.
  5. Ortema Knee protectors: Working just perfectly, hopefully I do not need to test how they protect in accident.
  6. Camping gear: Excellent
  7. Bike: Trusty old friend. No problems, just something small (Exhaust holder broken, holder for the TT front fairing cracked, TT front fairing cracked, seat worn through next to my knees, rear shock damaged, bashplate rubber mount broken).
  8. Computer: SSD-drive was a good investment, computer working fine after all what it has gone through!
  9. Garmin Montana GPS: Touch screen does not work correctly. I guess constant high temperature has damaged something. Will get new under warranty.
  10. Heidenau tires: I think these are best tires for this kind of trip!
  11. TT Zega-Pro panniers: They look nice, but I think too thin material for this kind of trip. Panniers get damaged too easily when you drop the bike (and you will drop it many many times). I think older version is more robust (thicker material).


  1. Fire: Take flints with you on this kind of trip. When you get really high, matches and lighters do not work anymore. Flint will work even when itΒ΄s wet!
  2. Take foldable bucket (for example Ortlieb) for the trip so that you can wash your clothes easily
  3. Download Lonely-planet books to your computer before the trip.
  4. Get maps for the “more exotic” -countries beforehand. You cannot find (for example) Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc maps locally (at least itΒ΄s extremely hard).
  5. Hide your axe to the bottom of the pannier πŸ˜€

More to come later πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “Status of equipment

  1. Great timing to see feedback for the Sidi boots πŸ™‚
    I was just planning on buying them myself, but will opt to something else.

    • Hi Marko,

      These boots look ok, also reasonably good to walk (if you do not mind really loud sound they make) but quality is not in correct level (my opinion).
      I am not satisfied for Sidi customer support, not a single answer for two queries I have sent to them.
      I think my next boots will be Alpinestars Toucan. These are new boots, so need to try them on first. I have had several Alpinestars boots and all of them have been really good.

  2. What is always handy is sugru (from Repairs nearly everything ;-).
    I fixed holes in my bikerbooth, tent, car cooling system,….

    Have a save trip and continue to write those reports πŸ™‚

    Greetings from snowy Munich

    • Hi JoergH,

      Looked really interesting stuff! Is there place in Germany where I can buy this or do I need to order it from UK?
      New report has been published today.

      Greetings from hot Vietnam πŸ™‚


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