Quick update from Thailand

Greetings from Thailand,

Time has gone really fast while getting the bike out of customs and arranging service for the rear suspension.
Öhlins got me here, but failed now completely. I noticed at the airport that all oil has come out from the rear suspension!
Now rear suspension has been fixed in Öhlins authorized service here in Bangkok.
Also, “mysterious” Miss E has arrived here for a short period of time 🙂
I try to get next updates online as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “Quick update from Thailand

  1. Hi Henrik,

    Thank you for the photos!
    It was nice meeting you in Pokhara!
    Hopefully everything is going well over there.


  2. Haha – mystery was uncovered by looking at your bike – saw the photo twice? And we all saw the photos of “E” – you can unveil mystery. Have fun, we envy you now as temperature in Southern Germany drops from above 20 C tio zero and first snow is expected….

  3. LOL… I think you have blown the mystery away already in your blog entries ;D
    I totally understand that some protection of interests is needed in that country, not that Marko had any promlems in staying away from the dark side 😉

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