Yli 30000 lukukertaa!

Hieman yli neljässä kuukaudessa yli 30000 lukukertaa!
En olisi koskaan uskonut että näin lyhyessä ajassa tulee näin hirmuinen määrä lukukertoja!
Toivottavasti olette nauttineet jutuista, sillä niitä on luvassa lisää.
Jatkossa myös pyrin saamaan enemmän videoita sivuille, koska saan kypäräkameran tänne Thaimaaseen.

9 thoughts on “Yli 30000 lukukertaa!

  1. Miss E!!!! Love and miss you stax!
    We thinking of you guys and following your updates… Have fun and enjoy it already started to snow in Germany… AAAHHHH!!! :-*

  2. Hi Franzi!

    Long hairs and helmet hairstyle 🙂
    Bangkok update still takes awhile because I am still few weeks behind with rest of Nepal updates 🙂
    Miss E? Say hi to her 😉
    No, she is doing fine 🙂
    It´s so nice and warm in here.
    Hugs and kisses back to Germany


  3. Mr. Marko with the long hairs!! Where is your update about Bangkok??? What about Ms. E.??? We having a soup party at Tufans place and missing you guys so much!!!! Have fun and enjoy your time!!! Loads of hugs and kisses, Franzi

  4. You totally inspire me with your travel and I have a matkakuume ”travel fever” now. Just started to investigate some travel options eg transsiberian train. Keep smiling!!

  5. Hi Marko and thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings from your great adventure . No more Grimm brothers fairy tale`s to my kids , I`m reading your blog ; ) Take care and ejoy the moment , from Ulm , Ari ; )

  6. Hi Joachim,

    Yes, really surprised!
    That was one kind of mess, yes…
    Bangkok at the moment feels like Turkish steam room. Around 34C and high humidity.


  7. WOW! plus 30T reads you become famous, Marko 😉
    btw i was close to spit my sip of red wine when i read your bleeching story LOL
    Enjoy Bankok and take care of you in the red light district – crazy shows
    cheerio Joachim