Pikainen päivitys Nepalista

Terkut Nepalista!

Tänään on juhlan aihetta. Selvisin hengissä Intiasta!
Liikenne siellä on totaalisen hullua!
Sanoisin että on turvallisempaa ajaa miinakentän läpi kuin ajaa Intiassa… Mutta tästä lisää tulevassa blogipäivityksessä.

13 thoughts on “Pikainen päivitys Nepalista

  1. Hi Elke,

    Thanks! 🙂
    There will be new galleries in (hopefully) near future. Just need to translate my India story (photos can be checked from finnish version).
    There is one new video from Pakistan.


  2. Hi! Wow – amazing stories again from Pakistan update. Didn’t you say there are new galleries? (Last one I can see is china (before were 2 others). Take care – and enjoy this adventure!!!

  3. Hi Visa,

    Everest is really close. Actually I am looking at it at the moment!
    Well, not actually Mount Everest, but instead Everest beer bottle 🙂


  4. Hi Cezar,
    Replied to you already in email.
    Shock is working well enough, so I will ride to Bangkok and get both shocks serviced there (Öhlins authorized service).
    Dismounting and mounting shocks can be done in dark room with closed eyes (done that few times :)).
    Thank you for your help in any case!


  5. Hi jaa,
    🙂 Only body dies 🙂 Not so calming comment from taxi driver 🙂
    Just working with my India version (will still take few days due to massive amount of photos…)


  6. Hi Nico!

    Good to hear that stories and photos are interesting.
    India traffic was just amazing 🙂
    Not so bad as here north as it was in Chennai area, but still, really dangerous.
    Will keep writing 🙂


  7. Hey Marko, I read nothing about your rear shock. Email me if you need help to ship a new one somewhere, i guess you can swtich it yourself, no phylosophy. Goodluck and keep goin’

  8. Have never tried traffic in India. Several other countries tough. I think best story what might describe traffic in India happened to my friend. He was travelling with his friend in a really lousy taxi in some big city (dont remember which one). Taxi driver was driving really fast. At least to my friends Finnish standards. My friend was littlebit worried and he asked, that they were in no hurry, could the driver slow down. Nothing happened. Same again guestion again, could he slow down, it is littlebit scary to sit here. Taxi driver turned his head, smiled a really big smile and said: ”Dont worry, only body dies!” and then kept on accelerating…

    But really fantastic blog. Just keep em coming. And dont worry, none of these updates havent been too long.

  9. Hi Marko,
    it is so fantastic to read your blog! Great stories and amazing pictures!
    Good to hear that you survived traffic in India – reminds me on my time there when we just closed our eyes to cross the roads and trusted that it will somehow work out 😉 Keep on blogging!

  10. Moro Markku E,

    Iskari toimii kohtuullisesti kun otin paluuvaimennuksen pois käytöstä, joten nilkutan sen kanssa Bangkokiin saakka.
    Bangkokissa on Öhlinssin huolto.
    Mulla on alkuperäiset iskarit vielä Saksassa kaverilla, joten tarvittaessa sieltä ainakin saan iskarit.


  11. Miten sen takaiskarin kanssa, oletko saanut hommattua uuden? Tilaa alkuperäinen, Öhlinsit ym. eivät ole ainakaan alkuperäistä kestävämpiä kovassa käytössä.