Quick update from Jaipur, India

Hi all,

Made it safely to Jaipur, India!
Front rim is now damaged (dent) because I hit a sharp edge hole on yesterday. Air stays in, no big vibrations so I am still good to go on.
India traffic is breathtaking (will put some more info to a coming blog update).

I try to get next update published either today or latest tomorrow (will stay in Jaipur for 2 days.

PS: Did you check all the photos from the latest long blog update? Also, couple new galleries have been published

11 thoughts on “Quick update from Jaipur, India

  1. Yes, this kind of trip requires it´s toll. In Bankok I will have long break from this trip and will get my suspension and bike serviced.
    I will have around 3 week break from riding there (I will do short day trips, but always return to BK).

  2. Jaipurissa on hieno elokuvateatteri, Raj Mandir Cinema. Kannattaa käydä, elokuvat Bollywoodin parhaita.

  3. Hi Nick!

    Air still seems to stay inside and no big vibrations, so I will keep on riding and just keep close eye on it.
    So hot in here, sun is real killer!


  4. Hi Marko,

    Yes, made it safely here, even truck drivers really tried to kill me on my way here.
    This is huge city and 2 days is not even close to enough to explore it.

    I am staying in Country Inn suites here. Wanted to have nice room after staying several nights in quite a questionable rooms.


  5. love the photos – especially all the Pariskunta-photos 🙂
    and: the gallery picture China are super – the vanha mies is cool!

  6. Good to hear you’re safely in Pink City.
    It’s great place to see and 2 days will not be enough, but it’s a good start.

    There is (at least was) Royal Enfield dealer just few hundred meters away from your hotel on left hand side. And that of course, if tracking show the right place for you.
    I stayed in that very same hotel few years back, when it was brand new.

  7. Well done Marko.
    Find an Enfield mechanic with a hammer to fix your wheel ,then treat yourself to a well earned curry!!

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