Quick update from Islamabad, Pakistan

Greetings from Islamabad!

Wow, that sounds quite exotic! But in any case, here I am.

1st: All photos are now in latest long story-page.

My plan was to leave Islamabad early tomorrow morning and head to Lahore, but now I am stuck over here because of the riots.
We had a plan to go to a movies today, but we were asked to stay in hotel, because it is safer (we do not have any facts that it would have been unsafe in movies).
Riots have been quite close, around 5 minute drive/ride from the hotel.

Tomorrow should be a BIG day, public holiday so people are gathering to different places. It will be a day inside our hotel…

I do not normally tell my opinions, but I think people who are doing these films and publish some drawings should be responsible to carry a cost of damages what these things cause…
It is freedom of speach, yeah, but it should not be misused (in hope for some income). It will cause damages for properties and loss of lives… People tend to think differently in different parts of the world…

There are also (for example) lot of travellers who are at risk all around the world due to these films and drawings…
It might not cause problems directly to people who are responsible for publishing them but lot of other people will suffer due to these actions.

16 thoughts on “Quick update from Islamabad, Pakistan

  1. Moro Mikko,

    Joo, oon jäänyt aika paljon jälkeen suomennoksissa kun ei oo ollut tarpeeksi pitkää paussia kääntämiseen ja uutta tapahtuu koko ajan.
    Täällä ei tankorukkasia tarvita, tänäänkin oli polttavan kuuma keli kun Jaipurissa kiertelin nähtävyyksiä.


  2. Hi Elke,

    Pakistan was gorgeous country. Want to go back there some day.
    Himalayas are breathtaking! Highly recommend this country.


  3. Willkommen in Indien…!!!!! 🙂 Do let me know your contact no. , I will give a call to you. You can either go to a STD/ISD booth nearby and give me juz a ring….I will call you on the same no. imme. If you face any problem or need some language support….gimme a ring. Have fun in India…..Now you are in safe place 😉


  4. Glad to see you arrived in India – sad though that you did not have a chance to see some Pakistan towns. India! Jealous – I just love the food…

  5. Hi Marko,

    great to see on the tracking that you have managed to leave Pakistan hopefully safely and are now discovering India. Checking daily about blog news and waiting for good news 🙂 !! Greetings, Bernd

  6. Hi, you’re doing really well, my blog is now up and running, no www just as above with the http etc.
    I’m near the Mexican border with an accident near here in Arizona, waiting to hear from the dealer whether the bike can be repaired or not. See the blog for details.
    Keep your head down

  7. Kiitos ku vaan jaksat tota suomeakin kirjottaa. Mäkin jaksan sit lukee, vaiks olen mä enklantiaki koittanu tavata sun plokissa. Mielenkiinto sun reissua kohtaan voittaa mun kielimuurit.
    Kiitti ja ole varovainen.
    PS mulla on viellä ne tankorukkaset jotka toit sillon kroatiaan täällä niitä jo kohta tarvitaan=)

  8. Hey Marko,

    Welcome to Asia ;-). I guess, Now your real journey begins…..on one side you can njoy nature at its best…..but on the other side you have to withstand various communal challenges in the developing world. But, don’t worry you will drive through them successfully. Let’s try to catchup if possible when you cross the border to India. Cheers buddy…..

  9. sad. and you speak so true words. stay safe! we were thinking of you when we read about Friday being a holiday and enable riots.

  10. So true and so sad… Some people just don’t think over their noses ( vai mitenkähän tämä sanonta “nenäänsä pidemmälle” meneekään englanniksi… 😀 ) when it comes to money.
    But anyway, keep on going safely and enjoy your fantastic journey!!!

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