7 thoughts on “Kirgistanista Skarduun (Pakistaniin) Kiinan kautta

  1. thanks so much for making my normal (nice and safe and sunny) days adventurous – your reports are breathtaking!

  2. Hi E,

    From that part of the story, yes. Biggest adventure so far.
    Scenery has been absolutely amazing.
    No need to be sorry and ashamed, things do not always go as planned 🙂
    Now in Islamabad, trying to add rest of the photos tonight.


  3. Wow, now we have got the missing part of this blog, what a story! So, are these days the biggest adventures and best scenery for you so far? Feeling really sorry and ashamed for your unpleasant experience in China…

  4. Hi Jarmo,

    Did not do anything else for the suspension than reduced rebound a lot.
    I can ride with the bike now, but once I reach Bangkok, I will take suspension to Öhlins service.


  5. Hi Joachim,

    Now real adventure is ongoing.
    Staying in hotel with a British biker and we have 5 armed guards protecting us here, but more about this in the future update.
    Have a nice holiday!


  6. Hi Marco,

    one more time to say thank you for let us join your adventure. Nice pics as always.
    Next 3 weeks i am off – spending my time with some old friends on a bare charter sailingboat at the coast of Montenegro. Barely no access to the net.
    Take care and have fun!
    cheerio Joachim