Quick update from Uzbekistan

Hi from Samarkand, Uzbekistan!

Kazakhstan posts are under process and hopefully will be published in coming days (I have had some issues to find internet connection).

In any case, now I am in really hot Samarkand. Crossed border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan yesterday.
This border was quite slow and took me 4-5 hours to get through.

After crossing the border I broke my #2 and #3 rules… Only number #3 bite back (but this will be clarified in the bigger update ;)).

Today I have been fixing damages in the bike and did valve clearance check.
During check, I noticed that 2 threads from the cylinders (threads for valve cover screws) have been almost completely destroyed in BMW service… Did not check these before I left… Now I need to try to find helicoils from somewhere so that those could be fixed.

So, bare with me and my slow blog updates. Lot of photos are coming.


4 thoughts on “Quick update from Uzbekistan

  1. Moro
    Eilen laitettiin Hannun kans Heidenau-takarengas tilaus Mynetmotolle Saksaan.
    Nyt vaan viikonpäivät kovaa odottelua:)

  2. been following the progress, looks like you are having a great time and the pictures look great. i hope the small mechanical issue created by the poor BMW service does not cause any delays. FYI, i did not go to Beijing and will leave Nokia end of next month. But one last business trip to enjoy to do handover in Chennai, Dongguan and Beijing and some vacation in between. One plan is to be downunder at the end of the year so lets see if we can catch up there. enjoy Samarkand. Lots of history there.

  3. @Thomas: AR is expensive nowadays again? hehehe like before 2002 – however the steaks for around 80-90 ARS are still the best in the world….

  4. Hi Marko, just saw your update from Samrakand. You must have posted it while was looking at your page, since it wasn’t there 15 min ago. Good luck with the bike repair. Samarkand looks like a nice city. I am still in Argentina, TDF. Still freezing cold here with snow and high winds. I was at the beach yesterday, but no penguines here, they are only here in the summer. I will leave your URL with some local guys I work with (Gonzalo and Alejandro) so they know you will be coming to here one day, and then you have some contacts. Otherwise, Argentina, and TDF especially is really expensive. I hope you are doing good. Keep on riding Hemuli. All the best, Thomas

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