Kazakhstan quick update

Greetings from Aktobe,

Past days have consisted from relaxing and getting things done in Atyrau as also riding to Aktobe.
Past couple days ride has been on paved roads, gravel roads, sandy roads and no roads.
Partly road condition has been looking like after bombing.

Spent nice night in the desert admiring gorgeous nightsky.

Bigger update coming in few days. I think I will have better network available in Shymkent. Ride over there is expected to be one adventure.

18 thoughts on “Kazakhstan quick update

  1. Todella mahtavaa tarinaa, tuntuu kuin olisin itse matkalla mukana.
    Upeita kuvia joissa kuvaajalla on iso rooli.
    Olen jäänyt totaalisesti koukkuun ja odottelen seuraavia tarinoita
    tästä rohkean miehen seikkailusta.
    Hyvää jatkoa sinulle ja olethan varovainen, kaikella tavalla.

  2. Moro Jonnu,

    Nyt vasta alkaa tuntua että reissu on alkanut. Mutta siitä enemmän sitten tulevassa blogipäivityksessä.


  3. Moro Marko,

    Mukava seurata reissun etenemistä. Kuvat hienoja – todella hieno oivallus se pyörän navan läpi otettu vuoristokuva 🙂
    Hengessä eletään mukana.
    Tsemppiä !!

  4. Hi Marko and my otehr friend, I have heard that Samarkand is a really intersting place. Maybe , you need to check out if it worths to visit..Enjoy your time(s):-D

  5. Moro Marko
    Now it’s really time to look what the bit crazy & happy one is doing 🙂 Amazing pics & impressions really on this Internetpage!! I hope you have outstanding times!!! – Gernot

  6. Hi Marko, you seem to have still a good time, and I hardly recognized you, without beard and with hair. Greetings from the southern end of the world. I am currently in Rio Grande, Argentina, Tierra Del Fuego. You have to ride your bike to down here. The country is amazing, but unfortunately it is now winter time, freezing cold, lots of wind and snow. Better come here when there is summer. Good Luck with ride. You are making excellent progress. Take care. Thomas

  7. Hi Joachim,

    Yes, 10 years gone immediately!
    Ride has been really interesting.
    Update will come either tomorrow or latest on Saturday (long one again).

    Arrived to the hotel today quite late and still need to eat something (and have couple of cold ones ;))


  8. Yes, Kazakhstan is 9th biggest country in the world (if I remember correctly).
    Roads are, interesting (but this will come in next update, tomorrow or latest on Saturday).

    Innovative 🙂 Let´s see 😀

  9. Just had a look at the map, and wow – Kazakhstan is a huge country! Although it’s still small compared to Russia. Following your trip is a good geography lesson :-).

    Two shadows, eh? Are there now also two helmets? 🙂 🙂 Setting up a date in a mid-size town in the middle of Kazakhstan is – by far – the most creative meeting point I have ever heard of! 🙂

  10. Hi Marko,

    hah! without a beard you really do look like a Teenie 😉

    Enjoy your ride to Shymkent – take care ‘n keep safe.


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