Kazakhstan, part #2

Amazing thing was that Miss E did not get 2 stamps to her Visa on arrival to Kazakhstan. Everyone everywhere have said that if you arrive by plane, you will get two stamps and do not need to register. If you arrive via land border, then you need to do a registration separately. Continue reading

Kazakhstan update

Greetings from Atyrau, Kazakhstan!

Left from the hotel around noon (not a good time to start because starts to be really hot at that time of a day) and went to a bank to change some of my Russian Rubles to Kazakhstan Tengs.
At the outskirts of the town I filled gas tank because I saw that they had 95-octane fuel there (seems like further east I am going, lower the octane in the fuel gets). Continue reading

Russia and 200 000km

Greetings from mother Russia!

Not so much has happened in the previous days, but here is short update:

On Friday I got up decent time and was prepared to visit Russia for the first time in my life.
While riding towards the border, I was closely watching my odometer, because soon I would have 200 000km on my bike! Continue reading

Quick update from Georgian Military Road

Quick update from close to Russian border:

Did not had time yesterday to update the blog because there was some issues with the blog page…
Left today from Azerbaijan and got robbed by a bastard who was wearing police uniform (he was police, but corrupted one…).
I also pissed off border guard in Aferbaijan border by passing hugely long queue of cars 🙂 Continue reading