Bike is back in one piece

Bike is back in one piece again! Only thing missing still is chrash bars and my new gps.
During this winterservice I changed new ceramic clutch, sent suspension for service and checked the whole bike through.
Whole service was done with the tools which I will carry with my on my RTW-trip. Only few tools were missing and now I have all the tools what I will need during the trip.
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Passports received & friends and relatives visited

Week 6 I spent in Finland, received 2 new passports and visited friends and relatives for the last time before the start of my trip.
Weather was cold, below -30C. Felt really cold because I have not visited Finland during winter in the past 7 years.
Hoping that I do not need to face as cold temperatures in next 7 years ūüôā

Shocks have been serviced, so should receive them next week. Will start putting bike back together next weekend.