Ebay parts and doctor visit

All ebay parts are now here! Unfortunately I was not able to get all the big parts from ebay, which means that I need to buy them from Touratech, BMW and SR-racing. Good thing was that most of them I was able to find from ebay, because this way I saved roughly 70% of the costs! If I would have needed to buy all the parts new, then total cost would have been around €7000!!! Continue reading

Christmas holiday in Germany

This part of the story is from 14.12.2012 to 14.01.2013:

I spent 1 month holiday in Germany visiting friends, getting some spare parts and doing some needed paperwork.
This one month holiday came in a good time, because I already started to notice that trip has overwhelmed my senses. So many new things, smells, tastes, people etc etc that it had consumed a lot of energy to get this all new information sinking in. This is not a normal holiday trip, it is a lifestyle now. Continue reading

Last evening of the Christmas holiday

One month has passed really fast and tomorrow I will fly back to Cambodia.
Had really a good time in Germany and Austria, even it has been cold (after getting used to the warm climate).
I met with many friends, had excellent food, got needed things done and needed supplies gathered.
I think trip so far had been surprisingly overwhelming to me, but now I feel the drive to continue.

I am still quite much behind with my stories (did not change during the holiday), but I promise that soon new updates start popping in (planning to get updates done next to a warm sea :))

Journey has started!

After few hours of sleep I was ready to visit office for the last time.
Did not loose my night sleep, but repacking took such a long time.

I hate to say goodbyes, but this time I was not able to avoid it. Few friends had gathered to the front of the office to see my departure.
After quite emotional goodbyes I left the office with the tears in my eyes… Continue reading

Test ride

Thank you for the nice and positive feedback what I have received via comment field!

Got all my passports back now with all needed visas! Only thing what is missing anymore is Greencard (I have few of them but none have correct address) which I hopefully receive latest on Monday.
It is funny how busy these last weeks have been, even I started preparations months ago.

Been packing during the weekend and got almost all the stuff fitted in. I still need to do one repacking on Sunday and throw some clothes and other stuff away. Continue reading