New facebook updates will take some time

For some reason I cannot connect to facebook and several other pages here in Indonesia…
So, new updates are coming as soon as I can figure out the problem… I do not know yet if it is on my computer, or if it is banned over here…

Greetings from Flores, Indonesia.
Tomorrow I will go and try to see Komodo Dragons ūüôā

On the road again!

After a week work in Jakarta, my bike is running again!
Damage to the bike was even greater than I had expected, because front frame had been damaged beyond repair.
Luckily I got new used front frame and was able to get bike fixed.
Major thanks for all the help goes to Motorrad Corner in Jakarta (I will put contact information to my link page)! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Continue reading

Worse than expected

Yesterday I spent in Yudi¬īs garage working with my bike.
Reason was to get all damaged parts off from the bike, so that I would know which parts I need to get when I am in Germany.
It was quite tough to try to work with one hand. Lucky for me Yudi¬īs mechanic was helping me!
I had already a quite a good idea what parts have been damaged in the accident, so no real surprises there. Only tough thing was to get all these bended and damaged parts off from the bike… Continue reading