In Turkey

Today I arrived to Istanbul, Turkey!

Yesterday I found nice family owned hotel close to Turkish border.
I also found the camping area which was suggested by Swiss Rider, but could not stay there because I needed to finalize finnish version of the blog… ūüôā Continue reading

Few issues

I have had now couple of issues, Spot messenger seems to have problem and I hurt my back on a boat trip. More of these later…

In Brasov I noticed that my Spot messenger did not track my progress correctly, so I changed new batteries to it. Still, seemed like it did not get connection to the satellite… Well, there was nothing I could do for it right now, so ride continued.

A bit north from Brasov I took road number 10 towards east. To my big surprise asfalt was close to perfect and road had really nice curves! Highly recommend this road.
On this road I met also really nice swiss guy (Gian-Carlo) who was coming from Greece and was heading towards Mongolia with his BMW F650GS ( We stopped for a coke and chatted around 1 hour about the kits and our plans. Continue reading