Few issues

I have had now couple of issues, Spot messenger seems to have problem and I hurt my back on a boat trip. More of these later…

In Brasov I noticed that my Spot messenger did not track my progress correctly, so I changed new batteries to it. Still, seemed like it did not get connection to the satellite… Well, there was nothing I could do for it right now, so ride continued.

A bit north from Brasov I took road number 10 towards east. To my big surprise asfalt was close to perfect and road had really nice curves! Highly recommend this road.
On this road I met also really nice swiss guy (Gian-Carlo) who was coming from Greece and was heading towards Mongolia with his BMW F650GS (http://www.motorrad-weltreise.ch). We stopped for a coke and chatted around 1 hour about the kits and our plans. Continue reading


Today´s target was to cross Transfagarasan and continue further towards east.

Morning was already really hot and I was sweating like a pig while packing my bike. This was a clear indication of the coming hot day… Luckily I would get some relief from the heat by climbing up to the Transfagarasan.
Took smaller roads from the motel and the road surface was totally different compared to the previous days. Maximum speed was around 60km/h because pavement had deep potholes. Continue reading


Left from Sibiu after the breakfast. Target was to have short day and camp somewhere up in the Carpathian mountains.
Lonely traveller seem to have same problem in here as in central europe, it is really hard to find small quantities of food (small amount minced meat, only few eggs etc…). In any case, got all what I needed and then I headed towards Transalpina-road. Continue reading

In Romania

Nothing special in the past 3 days, well already changed my route plan, but I think this will happen quite often 🙂
My plan was to pass Budapest and head towards northern Romania, but I got bored for the motorway, so decided to cut through Hungary really quickly and ride towards central Romania and Carpathian mountains.

Arrived to the hotel quite late, after the sunset. Air got quite cool after sunset and I had to add outer layer to my riding suit. Because I was there quite late, no food was anymore available so my dinner was just a small bag of peanuts. Continue reading