Last evening of the Christmas holiday

One month has passed really fast and tomorrow I will fly back to Cambodia.
Had really a good time in Germany and Austria, even it has been cold (after getting used to the warm climate).
I met with many friends, had excellent food, got needed things done and needed supplies gathered.
I think trip so far had been surprisingly overwhelming to me, but now I feel the drive to continue.

I am still quite much behind with my stories (did not change during the holiday), but I promise that soon new updates start popping in (planning to get updates done next to a warm sea :))

Over 30000 reads!

A bit over four months and over 30000 reads on my blog!!!
I would never ever thought that in such a short period of time this blog would receive such a high number of reads!
Hopefully you have enjoyed this blog, because there is more to come ūüôā
In the future I will also put more videos because I will get a helmet camera to the Thailand.

Short update from Pakistan

Greetings from some town 100km away from Islamabad.
Been riding yesterday and today together with John from UK.
Been slow riding today due to 6 police escorts.
Now staying in a hotel where 5 armed guards are giving protection to us.
Tomorrow I should reach Islamabad and then I will add rest of the photos to the previous blog update.

Black day

This has been really, really black day…
I am doing fine, but as Nokia announced today, huge lay-offs will affect thousands of people.
Nokia Ulm site is going to be closed (as an one example), so lot of dear friends and colleagues are going to face unknown future…
My thoughts are in Ulm at the moment…

My day started nicely with the curvy roads of Dolomites, but after hearing the news from Ulm I got really sick feeling to my stomache.
Now I am camping next to the Balaton lake in Hungary.